Wednesday, 19 March 2008


This is a post I had just written when our Internet connection disappeared for what seemed like forever. Seemed a shame to waste it.....
Foire de Gadgets at our local supermarket today - heaven for Richard and me!

We got a 4-way USB hub for 12€ which in turn meant I could buy a USB keyboard light as recommended by our Scottish friends Carol & John, costing just 8€! I have always wanted one for my late night typing sessions!

What else did we get, I hear you ask. You must know us so well.......

A USB card reader that will take about 4 different sizes of memory card - we have so many of them littering our life (old camera ones, old laptop ones, old phone ones, etc). Well we can use them all again with our new PCs thanks to this little gadget!!! And it only cost us 15€!

Are we suckers or what?! But happy ones.
Today (real today, 19 March) was scheduled to be 'buying the big furniture for the apartment' day. We had been racing along to get the place finished and the floors all hoovered and washed in readyness.

So today was to be an Ikea day. It had to be a Wednesday because it is the only day other than Saturday (and who on earth goes to Ikea on a Saturday except lovers of BIG crowds!) that LeeLee gets brought home at lunchtime on the bus - and therefore does not need us to be her chauffeur at midday.

Monday evening - all plans in place, lists written (we have SO much to buy!) and Nic packed and ready for the journey.

Then as she went off to bed, LeeLee mentions in passing that she has her TPE at 13:00 - 14:00 this Wednesday and so expected us to be there to pick her up when it was scheduled to finish.

What?! Have you not been listening to us this past week? We are 'booked' to be at Ikea this wednesday!

Oh, are you? ponders our older cherub. Yes, I do seem to remember you saying something about that.....

Of course we did!!! How long have you known about this TPE?!

Only about a week or so........

*?*!*?*!? (or words to that effect). YOU will have to sort this out yourself! say furious parents of disgruntled teenager.

So the new plan.....LeeLee will sleepover with a friend Tuesday night, then eat lunch on Wednesday with another friend, and (after her TPE) will phone us to tell us it has finished and walk around to the mediateque to wait for us.

So simple.


All going to plan. LeeLee phones us just as we are leaving Ikea. We tell her we will be about an hour and a half.

Little while later, we realise that we cannot pick her up on the way past - because all the spare seats in the car are occupied by Ikea boxes.....

So I phone her mobile to warn her we will be a bit late. No answer - just voicemail. I say she could always catch the public bus home (we would pay!) and ask her to call us back to confirm what she decides to do. No phone call.

We get home and find no older daughter, so offload Richard and I call LeeLee again to tell her to be waiting outside since there is nowhere to park at the mediateque. No answer. Just voicemail.

Get to the mediateque. Luckily I still have Nic in the car, and so chuck her out and get her to run in and find LeeLee.

LeeLee gets in the car and asks: where on earth have YOU been?! You are late!!

Ballistic mother delivers a tirade about teenagers who have got a mobile phone which they never answer, and who never bother to check their voicemail.

But I set off from home 36 hours ago, not realising my phone was out of charge.......


Same Monday evening, same cherub enquires of same furious parents whether we remembered that she needed to be picked up from a party at 3am on Saturday in some village the other side of Bedarieux.

Words failed me to begin with - but I soon catch up.

What party? Didn't I mention it last month? No!

What village? Not sure. I suppose you want me to find out. Yes!

And now - you are NOT going to go to the party unless you can PROVE to us that your phone is fully charged and has plenty of credit!!!

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