Thursday, 20 March 2008

Flowery Language

This is a picture of the camellia in the garden of our apartment. OUR garden, bought and paid for 5 months ago when we purchased the apartment from the elderly couple who owned the whole property - and rented it out as 10 apartments.

For the first time in ages, we did not go to the apartment yesterday (went to Ikea instead!) and guess what?!

Arrived today to find NO CAMELLIA BUSH - just a dug over empty garden!!!!!

Madame, it seems, came and dug it up to take home - it had been a present from her husband many years ago, you know......

Words failed me!!! For the first time in ages.....
Richard and I were watching a UK TV programme this evening where couples try running a restaurant.

As the 'front of house' greeted the diners, we both simultaneously turned to each other and said: How rude! She did not shake their hands!

Then, two seconds later, we both realised what we had said, and remembered that we had never been greeted by a handshake when going to a restaurant in the UK.

We have become too French! We now expect more obvious displays of (old fashioned?) courtesy - just like here.

Today, even the man who serves in the Tobacconist shop that Richard used to use (before he gave up smoking 2.5 years ago!) greeted him at Bricomarché and shook his hand! Now that is courtesy....

When we then went on to Intermarché, we were packing our stuff at the till when the person behind us greeted us with shaking hands (for Richard) and kisses (for me). He was the nurse that came to our house each day for a fortnight to inject Richard's tummy after his heart operation....
I have always been the one to go through the girls' homework with them, which became especially important when we first moved to France. It is amasing the vocabulary you learn when your daughter is doing the embalming of bodies in Egyptian times, in French!!

Yesterday evening I helped Nic with her maths homework - fractions, I LOVE fractions!

Tonight, after dinner, Nic got out her school books and started her work. What are we doing this evening? I asked.

She replied: Mum, this is MY French homework!!

Oh. Spoilsport. I LOVE French homework.....
If I was asked the question, I would probably say that I was a dog person rather than a cat one.

DOG = loyal, thinks you are wonderful whatever you do.

CAT = doesn't give a toss about you, or anyone else for that matter.

Today, our cat Smokey really pushed her luck. Fed up with the lack of vermin available to play with in our house, she has been importing her own over the last few months.

Today, she decided on a change of diet......she brought in THREE, yes THREE, snakes!

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