Sunday, 30 March 2008

Finally Finished!!!!

That is it! No more renovating for a while.....we hope!!

The apartment is finished, and looks GREAT even if we say so ourselves.

See what you think. Check out the internal photos - don't worry too much about the words. I have not got them sorted yet.

First guests arrive tomorrow....wish us luck!

Fancy a holiday or short break in the South of France? We know a delightful, newly renovated apartment for rent......


Alex said...

Very well done and good luck with the lettings.

Jacqui U said...


It is getting a bit like bedlam here now - the phone never stops ringing.
And can you imagine how difficult it is to understand recorded messages in French?!

But we keep thinking of the Bank Manager with a smile on his face....


Enid said...

Looks great - I wish you every success.

Jacqui U said...

Hello Enid! Welcome to OUR madhouse!

And thank you - I am sure we will need all the luck/help we can get!