Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Bread Heaven!

At the start of the school holidays two weeks ago, we went to our favourite bakers and our favourite cheese stall at the market - only to find them shut. Not there. Gone on holiday!

Only in France would you find your local shopkeepers and market traders going on THEIR holidays when the first tourists of 2008 are arriving here from all over the country!!

Anyway - after a depressing 14 days of inferior bread, our man was back at his oven this morning!! Thank goodness!! No one makes bread like him.We pigged out on fresh baguette with butter and homemade lemon marmelade for breakfast.

And a mature broucaou cheese with (still warm) gros pain for lunch. But ate it too quick to take a photo.

Our wonderful friends Riet & Albert brought yet another yummy present from Belgium for the girls.

Any country that produces and sells boxes of chocolate 'chips' that you sprinkle on your buttered toast or bread cannot be all bad! The girls were in their own version of heaven - the chocolate variety!
Virtually no Internet/e-mail for days and days.

And then what did we see?! Two people working on our communications box! Yes!!I yelled at my chauffeur to SLOW DOWN so that I could take a picture of this miracle. The poor chap keeping the other one safe (by standing in the road?!) was starting to look a bit worried....
Off to yoga in brilliant sunshine, and what did we see as we drove out of the village? Snow falling on the Caroux hills just behind us!! The kids will be thrilled. Maybe no school tomorrow.......

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