Friday, 21 March 2008

Apartment Progress

I LOVE making flat-packed furniture. We are a good team. I read, and reread the instructions. Richard wields the technical equipment. And carries the heavy boxes of course. Now that we have finished with the circular saw, Xena is able to come with us to the apartment. She LOVES it. She is interested in everything we do. She did wonder why we were building a tower-block of kennels only suitable for toy dogs though!Only problem, for a dog that usually sleeps 23 hours out of 24, she is awake the whole time she is down there.

When we get home she collapses onto her bed by the fire, and this evening could not be bothered to stir even for her dinner.

It is hard work all this renovation, you know!
Cleared out and cleaned the bedroom today.

Took the home-made, tacky, fibre board (covered with sticky-backed plastic) foot board off the bed.

Put the mattress cover in the washing machine and scrubbed the bed-frame. Ah - and was asked by Richard if I had remembered to switch on the water before setting the machine going.....We had major problems finding bedside tables because there was not enough room for normal ones. But Ikea came up trumps in the end. Having got the bed and tables in place, we were then able to put up the reading lights. Tomorrow we will pin the cables neatly. Doesn't it all look good! We are getting there. The bedroom is an impressive size - there is more than seven feet between the end of the bed and the wall. As Richard said, we have never had a bedroom that large in all our married life!!
In the kitchen, there are no drawers. So we decided to put up rails with hooks to hang up all the utensils, etc. Only trouble - having to drill into the old tiles. Always risky. Richard started with his smallest 'bit' and the drill on its lowest setting. Five minutes later the tiles were not even showing a scratch.

Upping the power, he tried again. Five minutes later, still no effect.Finally, with the hammer action on fully, Richard managed to start making a hole in the tiles. What on earth are they made of?! Reinforced concrete?
We even have the wine cellar set up at the apartment now! Originally the new microwave sat on top of the new fridge/freezer, until Richard pointed out our elderly guests might have problems reaching it!

So it now sits on the shelf next to the oven - and we have a place for wine bottles. Seems a great compromise to me!
This is our front garden now, after the 'grand theft Camellia'. Noticed this morning that the pump for the fish pond out front has also been removed! The previous owners are obviously having problems accepting the fact that they have sold on some of their properties!!!


WhereDunnit said...

The apartment's looking lovely - when will you start renting it out? What a shame about the camellia. No wonder you were fuming :-(

BTW, I have been trying to remember the name of the plant we bought in the market at Pezenas when we were staying with you 18 months ago. I think it might be "laurient rose", but I get nothing when I google that.

It's snowing here for Easter - super [grr] Do the girls have chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday?


Jacqui U said...


First guests arrive next Monday - PANIC!

The plant is called a Laurier Rose here (Nerium Oleander). I found the following webpage that might be of interest - in French though.

We haver sunshine alternating with dry snow blizzards that last about 2-3 minutes...and then nothing. Girls are praying to be snowed in so no school!!

They are scoffing chocolate chicken(s) and bells - large eggs are not usual here. They also do chocolate fish - which is curious?!

Lots of love to you both - your holiday must be soon! Have a super time and drive carefully!!