Wednesday, 5 March 2008

...And Sticky Backed Plastic.

When you are renovating a place for renting out - the temptation to replace everything with what YOU would want to live with, is overpowering. But you have to always remember that you are in this to MAKE money - not to spend far too much before you even start generating an income! But it is hard....for me anyway!

Our apartment had been owned by an older couple who did all the work on it themselves and were great believers in 'make do' and reuse. It appears they never bought a new screw or bolt - just found an old one and cut it to size! Even old metal shelf supports had been sawed off at the end when they found they were too long for the latest shelves - and the 'raw' cut ends carefully painted over!

Prior to stripping wallpaper and repainting the walls - we had to remove a multitude of things screwed and bolted to the plastered and tiled walls, all using different types of fixings.

The various knobs for hanging up towels and clothes as well as hooks for tea-towels and keys looked to have been home-made from bits of furniture, etc. Trouble was:
1. They left gapping holes and metal fixings in the plaster walls and tiled areas,2. New ones were expensive (it is amazing what these things cost down here!),
3. None of the new ones would line up with the old holes (that would be just too jammy!!), and
4. Of course drilling new holes in the tiled areas would be high risk (the tiles are very ancient and crumbly!).

So I brought to bear all those skills learnt watching playschool - I 'made do'.

And they did not look too bad afterwards even if I say so myself! And they at least went back into the old holes and made the walls/tiles look better!!
Work has progressed on our communications box - the old one is back to back with the new. And has it worked?

Well we are at least 'connected' tonight.....long may it continue!

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