Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Winter Helping

I remembered the camera today - so here is our newly enclosed courtyard. It is amasing how much bigger it looks! Just got to pull out the hundreds of raw plugs in the walls, fill the holes everywhere, paint the walls and plant some flower pots.....not much left to do then!
Winter has arrived, its official. Look at the frost everywhere this morning - and I put on a jumper today, for the first time this winter!
Richard had help demolishig the large wardrobe in the apartment. It is a lot easier though when you can actually fit inside it!
Why does anyone need a triple wardrobe as well as a double one, when they come to stay for a cure?! Just how many clothes do you need to hang up when you are being treated at a hospital each and every day?!


Lesley said...

It is amazing how much you are getting done in such a short time. Well done! I love the pictues of Nicole!

Jacqui U said...

The end is in sight.....but still a little way off!