Tuesday, 5 February 2008


It is like a seesaw here - we have sent LeeLee back to school this week (she was not that ill!) and guess what?! Nic has the bug now - and is off school. Poor thing - hope she gets better soon!

Give them lots more vegetables and fruit, that is my remedy. The children are SO pleased!
LeeLee's boyfriend came round for Sunday lunch this weekend. She had laughingly told us that Kevin thought we only spoke English (which he is not very good at at college) and was not looking forward to a day spent with us. We threatened to not speak any French, but she made us promise not to be nasty to him! As if we would.....

At home Kevin does not eat any veg, but LeeLee had told him that in our house, everyone has to eat EVERYTHING or else Mum gets angry (who? me?). So he ate all his carrots and peas - I do so like boyfriends who do as they are told!

Trouble was, when LeeLee went round to his house the next day, and told his Mum that he had eaten all our veg - he was in BIG trouble! She wanted to know how we managed it!!
Yoga tonight for me, and I swear to God she had us saying OHMMMMMMMM!

If only Marie-Ange next to me had not giggled every time.......the scowls we got from the tutor!

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