Monday, 18 February 2008

Time Is Flying By

It seems only yesterday that the girls were starting back at college for this school year, and we are already half way through. Five months gone, only five months to go until the Summer holidays!

We have just received the forms for the September 2008 rentrée will be Christmas soon after!?
I have started tackling the outside painting, whilst Richard is 'glossing' inside. Look at how dirty the window surrounds were before I got to them. Trouble is, now I have finished, no one will know they were ever bad!
Then I moved on to the courtyard door surrround. I got the level, a long piece of straight edge, the ladder and STRETCHED up high to draw the upper boundary for the white 'surround'.

Only problem?! When I got down and stepped back, it did not look straight.

I checked the level AGAIN and got down and stepped back - it still did not look straight!

Turns out the door lintel is at an angle - so I had to 'fiddle' my lovely straight line so that it looked OK. Why do I bother being accurate?!

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