Friday, 1 February 2008

Sunshine & Illness

Today I have homemade highlights in my hair - courtesy of painting the apartment yellow.

And yellow it most certainly is! If you are anti sunshine brightness - our apartment will not be for you!

We wanted a colour that would brighten the place up - and a creamy, pale yellow was what we decided. Unfortunately the colour turned out a bit more 'sunflower' than cream, but what the heck. It is the South of France! And typically the two large tubs of paint we had bought, ran out with the main room half finished and the bedroom only cut in. And we still have the bathroom to start on.... off we had to go this afternoon to Castorama in Beziers to get more paint - since none of our local shops had the right Dulux pots.

We started to worry that the pots we bought were 'end of line' but found that Casto had just four left - so we bought them all!!!

We do not want to start on the next room and run out again, and find no where to buy any more!!
Its official - she is ill, and has lots of medicine to take to prove it. LeeLee has been diagnosed as having Bronchitis and Sinusitis - and signed off school for at least the rest of the week.

She can then go back on Monday if she feels up to it since it is not hugely contagious - provided you don't snog anyone, according to the Doctor!

LeeLee has yet to break this news to her boyfriend.....


Lesley said...

Oh dear! Poor Leigh. Give her my love and hope that she feels better soon.
I love the yellow! Our kitchen was painted that colour a couple of years ago and it was lovely and lifted the spirits.

Jacqui U said...

LeeLee is improving - and is back at school.

Now Nic has it, and is off school! Poor thing.