Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Spring cleaning & Vertigo

We all admire the plane trees that form picturesque shady avenues here - so quintessentially French. But the locals refer to this species of tree as a weed.


Because they grow at an astonishing rate! Every two years they have to be cut back to stumps else they are out of control - they can grow an amazing 30/40 feet of new branches in 24 months!

Only a country like France, where there are massive numbers of workers all available to look after the flora, fauna and road infrastructure, could sustain this amount of ongoing care.

The little avenue near our apartment was being done today - only 12 months since they were last trimmed. Up the tree goes the man with the chainsaw whilst his 'watcher' feeds the branches into a shredder at ground level.Health & safety? No French driver worries about that!
Yes, we did finish the fencing around our courtyard today.

And yes, it looks wonderful.

What? You want to see what it looks like finished?

Ah.....slight problem. Someone forgot to take the camera........

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