Thursday, 21 February 2008

Slaving Away

Just in case you thought we had been lazing around, just look at the progress we are making!

Richard painted the outside of the windows. Shame he put his metal paint pot down on my newly whitened I will be touching that up tomorrow! After gloss painting all the internal doors, Richard was able to put on the new wrought-iron handles.
The masonry around the front door is being done (by me) - I LOVE white in case you have not noticed! Richard sanding the shutters. He said they were too heavy to take off and work on. Did he really mean that his assistant was just not up to the heavy labour required?! Me, painting the shutters. I did the high bits - difficult to go up a ladder for long if you have a knee that does not work.I also did the bottom bits. Me thinks I am being underpaid. Please admire the fact that this worker took the time to use masking tape to protect the hinges and brackets!

You won't notice any difference, but I also started attacking the front garden - give me a pair of secateurs and I am a demon with rampant roses! Shame my fingers are sore and full of thorns tonight....

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