Thursday, 28 February 2008

Pickled Cabbage

Normal service resumes today on this blog. I expelled a lot of my frustration in my rant yesterday!

(Me?! Smug? Upset? Don't get me started again!)
There we were wandering along the meat shelves at Intermarché looking at all the reduced prices that appear on a Monday. Why else do we have a large very ancient chest freezer in the cave (that cost us more to transport down here than it was actually worth) but to fill it with bargains!

This looks interesting (I said) - a little box containing a ham hock, a lump of pork and a raw sausage. Wonder what that is all for? I will buy it anyway and see....

Got home and found the right recipe - seems it is choucroute time here in the South! Anyone NOT like sauerkraut (put you hand down Richard, you don't count!)? Then, let's cook it for dinner.

Have you noticed a flaw in my planning? Whilst at the shops, I had not realised I should have bought my back we went.

Standing there in front of two large pots of the stuff, Richard wanted to buy the one 'in champagne' (if he was going to have to eat the awful stuff, he wanted to get the best) - but I said I was not spending three times the money just because of the champagne which would not even be noticeable after slow cooking for hours!

Well the recipe wanted to use 1.25 kg of the stuff, so I bought 700g. I am not that cruel a wife or parent - I was not going to make the family eat a lot of it obviously!

Following the recipe I added what I thought was a reasonable amount - and it looked like loads! In fact I had used only about a third of the 700g I had bought - anyone want me to send the unused bag load their way?!

Anyway, the final dish was not too bad - even Richard agreed. But not something I would choose to order when out and about. It is the 'special' in EVERY local restaurant here at the moment - and you get a pile of the stuff! How on earth do people love it so much?!
We all know there is never a policeman around when you need one. However, I was very safe yesterday evening - there were three (ex) UK ones in the house. And a great evening it was - thanks for our presents Andy & Keith!

Not sure they will be back though - I did serve up choucroute garni to them for goodness sake!!
Glad none of us had read this first! (from Wikipedia)

Sauerkraut is finely sliced cabbage fermented by various lactic acid bacteria including Leuconostoc, Lactobacillus, and Pediococcus. It has good keeping qualities and a distinctive sour flavour, both of which result from the lactic acid that forms when bacteria ferment the sugars in the fresh cabbage.

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