Saturday, 23 February 2008

Perdu & Gagné

LOST: one Sussex Spaniel, answers infrequently to the name Xena. Last seen curled up on her bed by the fire.Wait a minute?! There she is! In a sunbeam! Summer must have arrived.
Allez les Anglaises!!!!

Are we gloating or what!!!!

The girls are wishing they were at school on Monday - they LOVE gloating.

And Richard and I are off to the bank. We don't actually need to go - but when we were there on friday, Marti behind the counter immediately started talking about the rugby game, and predicting (along with everyone else there) that we would lose ......
After a couple of very hot days, the soil is warming up. In the pots especially!

Smokey has moved into her favourite spot - curling up around the palm on the terrace.

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