Sunday, 10 February 2008


LeeLee's boyfriend was coming round for lunch today, so time to clean and tidy up the house - we only do this once a week!

How come when a teenager 'tidies' her bedroom, her whole wardrobe of clothes is picked up off the floor and appears in the wash basket ?!
We started putting up the 'cloture' around our private courtyard at the apartment this afternoon. This is a massive selling point since very few houses, let alone apartments, have outdoor space here in France.

The internal courtyard used to be 'open to everyone' when all ten apartments were owned by one person, but we put in a specific condition when we were at the Notaires - the permission to enclose, to ensure privacy and a demarcation of boundaries.

Only problem? The original courtyard was FULL - and I do mean FULL - of every type and size of plant pot, shelving and hanging things! It took the previous owners ages to clear it all from our little space! And it was very good of them to do this. We had not asked them too - but were thankful when they did! The work this afternoon did not progress as far as we had hoped - so 'after' photos will have to follow.

Just some 'before' ones for now.....

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