Friday, 15 February 2008

Language Lessons Are Tiring!

Nic went on a school trip today with her Occitan class. And came home very tired?!

Seems they went to visit a Ferme de Brebis, where the owners spoke Occitan.

The bus ride was 30 minutes ....... and then the children had to get out and walk FOR AN HOUR in order to reach the farm! The track was not wide enough to take a bus.

When asked, Nic explained that all they spoke whilst there was Occitan, but questioned whether they really needed to know so much about keeping sheep!
Thank-you very much, Lesley and Steve, for the puzzle you have sent us! We love people who clear out their lofts and think of us!
Super U has a foire de bleu at the moment - with a wide selection of blue cheeses. In particular they have one of our favourites Baveriola (on the right).We also tried the Bleu de Basque (on the left) which was unusual in that it was quite crumbly. Unexpected for a blue cheese!

The baveriola was still our favourite, although Nic liked the Gorgonzola Torte best.

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