Wednesday, 20 February 2008

I Knew It........

..... said Richard. THAT is why our Internet has been chronic this week!

Today fellow bloggers Jan and Alex came for lunch - and a super time we all had. They were kind enough to drive all this way to visit us in our ruin and with the weather so miserable.

We love reading about their life, along with the Editor's enjoyably irreverent asides, on their excellent blog - the first one I ever found, and still the best I read!

It is the second time we have met people who read our blog and it is slightly disconcerting in one way - you have not met before yet they know so much about you. Do I really 'tell all' on my blog?! The girls say yes, and mainly about them!!

We chattered away like old friends, happily eating and drinking away the afternoon. We have become so French - lunch now tends to fill the gap until it is time for dinner!

I was so engrossed that I even forgot to take photos.

The main course was a favourite of the girls - roast chicken. But not any old roast chicken - a recipe from Alsace that entails encasing a chicken (suitably stuffed with garlic, onion, fresh herbs and a large lump of butter) in a bread dough. One of the best uses for an old bread-making machine you have languishing in the cupboard!
Before cooking:I admit I burnt it a bit this time, but tearing off chunks of the bread and dunking them in all the juices pouring out - is divine. And the bread under the chicken is the best!

I had planned on doing a lemon tart, but then LeeLee complained. Why couldn't we have chocolate cheesecake?! Because we have had it so often recently I exclaimed!

But since LeeLee had missed all these other occasions - she thought that unfair. And because I am such a wonderful mother - I gave in and we had two desserts on offer.

Alex and Jan brought us some yummy chocolates hand-made in their village - and I am ashamed to say we ate them all later that evening! But we have not tried the bottles of wine they gave us yet - that is a treat we are saving!

Isn't it a small world!

A couple of days ago, a nice lady sent a comment to our blog (I LOVE to get comments!) and followed up with an interesting e-mail.

Tara mentioned that she knew an Alex who also writes a blog about life in the South of France - the same Alex who was visiting us today!

She also mentioned that she had met a man (whilst walking her dog) who said that he knew someone called Jacqui - that's me! He does work for a couple who have a holiday home in our village. And in the UK, he had lived only 15 minutes from where we lived!


mpprh said...

And the very same Tara had lunch with me on Thursday !

BTW ..... I will watch the rugby with Alex & Jan tonight.

A very small world ?


Jacqui U said...

And getting smaller it seems, every day!

We shall all have to meet up so I canm put mores faces to names.

Have fun watching the rugby, and say hello from us all!


Jacqui U said...

Sorry, Peter, about my terrible spellings. I am typing in the dark as usual!