Sunday, 24 February 2008

Glossy & All Burgered Out

We finished painting the inside of the shutters - and that is it. All the painting done in the apartment. Don't they look smart now!Trouble is, when we drill through the outside wall in order to instal the washing machine (don't ask!) - we just KNOW we will have to touch up some of the fresh paint .......
Last sunday, LeeLee's boyfriend declined our invitation to lunch because he does not like vegetables, we always have vegetables and (in our house) everyone has to eat their vegetables.

Just to be evil, LeeLee told him he had missed homemade burgers (sans les legumes!) - my speciality!

We agreed that if he came today, I would make some more.....and not vegi-burgers. This joke/threat fell a little flat though because we had to explain what these were since no one has heard of vegi-burgers down here!

An easy DIY lunch. Set out all the possible things people like to put in their bun - and let them assemble their own.Only trouble - we did not realise that French people put dijon mustard on their burger buns, but we had some in the cupboard anyway.Kevin asked what the green stuff was that Nic and I were adding - and tasted the roquette. Loved it and had some as well! His Mum will not believe this!!
For afters, we had homemade milk chocolate ice cream, with grated white chocolate on top as well as........Belgium chocolate sauce!

Our friends Riet & Albert gave us this sachet which contains granules of chocolate. So easy - just pop in the microwave for a couple of minutes - and you have a yummy rich pourable sauce!Who said oink?!

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