Saturday, 16 February 2008

Getting Older

This evening we were off to celebrate our neighbour's fortieth birthday - and great fun it was! We came home very stuffed - and lucky that we only had a short distance across the road to stagger.

It was very much a family affair, with friends from the village as well.

After nibbles and plenty of pastis, we moved on to the entrées - a vast selection of terrines made by Eric's various family members, plus salads. I particularly liked the paté de tete - but Richard still baulks at something made from the head of a pig or sanglier!

The local baker was asked to make a loaf to feed us all - and he judged that 3m would suffice! Look at all us women sitting round nattering. A right 'coven of witches'. The main course was a cassoulet made by Eric himself - and the various arguments about what should and should not be included for this dish were still going on!! Especially after a few drinks!

The large pot was big enough to feed 130 people - let alone the 30 that were there! It needed transporting to the open fire for the final touch - white lard put into a special cone shaped device that is then set alight, so that the fat melts and dribbles into the cassoulet. By this time, Eric looked happy whilst Jaquie looked in a panic - the pot was tipping dangerously his way!!

The pudding was especially ordered - a mountain of choux buns (filled with creme anglais) drizzled with caramel. The top was a sheet of nougatine (yummy nuts and caramel) which had been decorated with a picture of Einstein, his famous equation and planets - Eric is an Astro Physicist!
Eric received a box of presents.
Many were jokey ones including an apron, and a baby's bottle that was then filled with a lethal concoction of alcohol that everyone had to sample.His main present though was a cookery course for two people - where you can choose from a selection on offer in various regions in France. Hope he does not take this as a hint about his current cooking skills!
Guess what we are doing tomorrow? Going round at lunch time to do it all again.......


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic meal! Hi Jacqui, I have been reading your blog regularly for a while now but have yet to make contact. My partner and I are thinking very seriously about moving to near the Caroux, having loved it there for years. We've been everywhere else in the Languedoc but keep coming back to this area. So, it's been excellent to read your blog and get a taste of what life might be like there.

Best wishes,

Jacqui U said...

It is great to hear from someone who reads our blog - I always wonder if anyone does!

Where abouts are you thinking of down here?

It is a wonderful lifestyle - we can strongly recommend it!!

Anything we can help with - you know you just have to ask....