Friday, 8 February 2008

Fed Up & Not In the Pink

Oh how I wish we had an Internet that worked properly.

And a telephone that worked all the time, and ........
What have I been doing? Painting over the pink!

NEVER paint mouldings in thick glossy deep-salmon pink paint!!! They are the devil to repaint, I can assure you!
Two coats of white paint later, and another going on tomorrow.....

Hopefully the toilet and shower room at our apartment will then look less scary when it is painted a lovely bright yellow.
Why does Richard always groan when I come up with my ideas?

All I said was why don't we move the bathroom mirror to the salon because it is a big one and they are expensive to buy new.

And put up the bathroom mirror we got with the new bathroom sink ensemble that we are not now going to instal this year because we have run out of time before our first guests arrive.....

Ok. So when we removed the mirror we found a very problematical wall that now needs more work than we really have time for. And OK I am having to strip it and sand it all before I can put undercoat on....but it will look better!!
Before:After (stage 1):Seriously, it will look better....soon!!!!

Driving the girls home from school, Richard was joking with Nic about boyfriends and she made the mistake of saying 'And I am not going into that now...'

Being a Copper, he immediately deduced there was some gossip to be extracted.

As they walked into the house, he mentioned this to me in LeeLee's hearing - and she immediately charged upstairs after Nic to interrogate her!!! Aren't sisters wonderful - and sure enough she finally wore Nic down and found out the gossip.

Seems a boy in her year has asked her out - and Nic was not impressed. No way! He's just ...... erh gross - no way!!

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