Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Express Delivery!

Look what arrived today!Now just need to decide the best way of plumbing in the washing machine - why isn't anything easy?!
Forgot to mention about yesterday - what lovely weather it was.

Our neighbour's boy asked if Nic would like to come and play - his two cousins were visiting, all of whom she knows. They set off on their bikes and the two dogs and had great fun. They went to the ford at one end of our village and on to the next little 'bridge' where they paddled. Yes! Paddled, in February!
LeeLee had a complicated day. First we delivered her to her boyfriend's house. Later that afternoon, he walked her round to one of her friend's house - who she was going to a party with.

It is curious - here if you were invited to a party, your boyfriend would only come too if he also was a friend of the person giving the fete and had been actually invited as an individual. Hangers on are not allowed!

Anyway, as instructed, LeeLee then found out the address and telephone number of the friend (whose father was kindly taking them to and picking them up from the party) where she was also sleeping over afterwards.

The problems started when she wanted the address and number of where the party was. LeeLee was to call us and tell us all this info in case of emergencies - we could just imagine getting a call from her asking us to come and get her, and being unable to follow her directions to where she was (LeeLee is not know for her spatial awareness and map reading abilities!).

Turns out the parents of the sixteen year old boy whose party it was, cancelled it at the last minute when they found out he had not finished all the homework set for the holidays! We are impressed with parents like that!!

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