Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Evil Incarnate and Petits Pois

Bounced out of bed, all raring to go! Yes, me!

Rushed down to the apartment to do the white surround for the front door......

....and found it was drizzling in Lamalou!

Oh. Bummer. Back home we went.
We have one remaining cat, but most people do not realise this.

She has the extra sensory perception to detect visitors to our house as they enter the village - and scarpers tres vite! Skid marks on the tiles, fast.

Never has she been actually in the house when friends and family arrive.

Until LeeLee brought home a boyfriend.......allergic to felines (so he says!) and thus scared of cats.

You look into Smokey's eyes and see evil glinting back at you. Not only does she NOT run away when Kevin visits, she actually stalks him and rubs herself all around his ankles.

And then sits down to enjoy his wimpering!

Today she waited until he had chosen which seat to sit on - then jumped up onto it. Being brave (and, I have to admit, having taken a lot of stick from us!) Kevin tentatively stroked her gently.

That was it - you never saw a tabby cat disappear so quickly - that was not playing her game!! He was no fun any more.
Now Kevin is equally famous in our household for not liking vegetables - and trying therefore to void coming round for a meal because you have to eat everything on your plate in our house!

LeeLee offered him the chance to stay for dinner today, telling him we were having pasta with ham and peas.

He stayed for dinner.

And looked in dismay when he saw the plates.

He thought LeeLee had meant we were having pasta.....with ham on the side.....and peas on the side seperately. So he thought he could just eat the first two items and leave the pile of petits pois on the side......

....not in this house! We mix it all together in the pot first!

Looks like we won't be seeing him again at meal times for a while.

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