Monday, 4 February 2008

Box Of Tricks ....

Box Of Trouble! This innocuous box contains the communication links for the whole of our Commune.

At regular intervals, we see the cover on the ground and all the 'innards' exposed to the world - and to the rain, snow, wind, etc! This happens when the band that secures it works itself loose. Within a couple of days, a man with a van always appears and restraps it - and all is well.

Richard is convinced that when the cover is off, our Internet connection is 'dodgy'. And as you can imagine, he takes a lot of stick for this - we regularly shake our heads at his silly idea!!

Earlier this week, LeeLee asked why the phone was not working - how on earth was her boyfriend going to get through to speak to her?!

We told her she must have left the spare handset off its cradle when he had last phoned, and it was therefore her own fault.....

Needless to say, she denied this furiously, but did we believe her? Of course not! She is a teenager!

A few hours later we realised that our Internet connection was down AGAIN (Richard was heard muttering that the cover must have fallen off again) and indeed that the phone was not working at all either!!

A quick trip across the road confirmed that neither was our neighbour's a call to France Telecom was initiated.

True to their word, they phoned back (on our mobile!) with the reason - the afore mentioned 'box of tricks' had been vandalised! Yes, they said in shocked tones, vandalised! Absolutely unheard of down here - would you believe it, vandalised!! And our whole commune was without telephone connections.

Oh well, said Richard, not unheard of from where we come from.....

We set off to work on the apartment, driving past the box, and Richard knowingly pointed out that yes the cover was off - and a perplexed France Telecom man was parked up and on the mobile back to base. He was actually scratching his head.

To cut this long story short, we (as well as the whole of our Commune) have been without telephones, without e-mail and without the Internet for the last few days - and it is up and down like Zebardee this evening.

Not sure when I will get a chance to post here next - but at least you will know the probable reason. Vandalism!!
And we have a very smug Richard in the house......

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