Friday, 4 January 2008

What Road?!

Monsoon rain, and pots under all the leaks in our roof. But what the heck - a small price to pay for our wonderful life down here!!

When it rains down here - does it rain!

And what did Richard and I do? Got in the car and went off to take some photographs of course!

What are usually little trickles in arid river beds, are currently torrents sweeping away all the debris collected since last winter.

The road that continues on from where we had to pull up in the car - crosses from left to right in these photos. Usually it travels across the River Orb on a concrete road under which the river usually trickles via pipes.

Not today! This road sign is DEFINITELY always obeyed when it it put out!
The view of the 'road' as if we were about to cross over normally:
On our way back, we noticed an addition under the sign for our village. When did that appear?! When we bought our house five years ago, it was actually made up of six different 'registered' elements - 2 buildings and 4 plots of land, of which two became the garden.

The Notaire asked if we intended building on these plots - because we had not checked that permission would be granted. They are very thorough, and try and ensure that you have got 'permission' before actually buying land down here that you wish to build on - although a lot of English buyers do not take their advice unfortunately, and regret it later.

At that time, there were no restrictions in our area.

A couple of years later, when we applied for permission to put in veluxes (a routine request usually handled by the Mairie), we and the Mairie found that the rules had changed - because we were near the Regional Park.

Guess what!! It seems we are now actually IN the Park!!!! When did that happen?! Who decided that?! We only popped out to take some photos!!!

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