Saturday, 12 January 2008

What exactly Are Mobile Phones For?!

LeeLee left the house this morning for college in a bit of a usual, you might say. Why, since she gets herself up an hour and a half before she needs to leave the house, is there (more often than not) a panic?!

Anyway, move on a few hours till 13:15 when I notice that LeeLee should have been home by now - and isn't.

Discuss with Richard.

He phones her on her mobile. No answer, just voicemail.

He texts her. No response in the next quarter of an hour.

We consider going to see if the others in the village have arrived home on the bus, only to remember that it is only lycéenes on Saturday and the only other one in our village did not go today. Bummer.

Richard gets the car keys and starts down to the car to go looking......when I suddenly remember that LeeLee mentioned a few days ago an idea of one of her friends - to go shopping after school in Beziers.

Was it today? We could not remember.

Why had she not mentioned it this morning? Probably because she was in a rush and barely said a word to Richard......

So we rang the friend's house and sure enough - the Mum was driving them to Beziers. Panic over.

Spoke to LeeLee and asked why on earth she had pestered for a mobile - only to never answer/reply when we call/text her?!

No credit as usual. But it still takes great photos Mum!!!!!


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