Wednesday, 2 January 2008

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...... provoking.
The Royal Marsden Hospital in London was on fire today. The emergency evacuation plan went off without a hitch. Only three people sustained minor injuries.

The news reporting was fatuous in the extreme, and desperate to make 'headlines' out of it. But with such a success story, they were struggling.

'.... and he looked desperate, because he might have lost his research material. As it was, he was lucky.'

Someone should have been SHOUTING from the rooftops (OK, rooftops that are now burnt to smithereens) that someone had done an excellent job.

However good your evacuation plan is - it is impossible to actually test it. All the trial runs in the world, will not test it. Reality is very different.

Someone did a BLOODY GOOD JOB! They should be lauded for it! Why weren't they?!
Helicopter heroes - the Air Ambulance.

One of those things, about which you say - why on earth had no one thought of this before?! It is so obvious! Such a great idea!

They are worth their weight in gold, and I honour the companies who sponsor them (like VIRGIN who sponsor HEMS).

I loved the story where they rescued a walker who had fallen thirty odd feet in an isolated area. The crew actually had to carry her (after she was finally found, stabilised, and retrieved) for over a mile in order to get back to the closest place they had been able to land the helicopter! They said - we wish we were fitter!

I loved the story where they attended a serious multi-car crash in the countryside. They mentioned that they needed more access to the victim - and the firemen dived in and cut away the car as if it was jelly. They mentioned that they ideally need to take the victim straight to the helicopter rather than along the lane and through a gate into the field where the helicopter was parked - and the firemen immediately jumped in and demolished the dry stone wall that was in the way.

I honour Richard Hammond for fronting a TV series about the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, after they helped rescue him following his headline-catching, high-speed crash. They need all the publicity and donations they can get.
A relative of our neighbours is not well and they were at the hospital this afternoon - and we LOVED looking after their little girl. We only wish we could do more to help.

The girls had great fun baking cheese biscuits and praline cookies.

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Lesley said...

I saw both the news item and the programme that you mention - and I totally agree with you! Well said xx