Thursday, 3 January 2008

Teenage Conversations

LeeLee was on MSN speaking to various school friends (the holidays are SO long!) this evening whilst Richard and I were reading. Then:

'Are we doing anything this Saturday, Mum?' she asked.


'I just wondered if we were.'

Are we talking daytime or evening?

'Well, mmmmmnnnnmmm.'


'Mutter, mutter, mutter......'


'Probably afternoon and evening.'


'Well, mmmmmnnnnmmm.'


'I have been invited to the cinema.'

By who?

'Well, mmmmmnnnnmmm.'


'Just a friend.'


'Well, mmmmmnnnnmmm.'


'XXXX' (definitely NOT a female name)

Oh, yeah?! says Richard, pricking up his ears. Call Eric, and tell him to get the shotgun out.

'Dad! Don't start!!!!'
Driving out en famille to go shopping in Clermont l'Herault, we were passing the famous 'ants' sculptures just outside Bedarieux when LeeLee suddenly recognised that this was where they had stopped as part of their recent Geology school trip.

Once Richard and I had finished fainting (LeeLee is not known to be good at recognising her own house, let alone anywhere else!) she continued....

Seems they were told to investigate the two types of rock found in the mountains of spoil left over from the local mining industry.

You can imagine the difficulty for the teachers - getting twenty teenagers to leave the bus that early in the morning - it was only 8:00am for goodness sake!

Well, we were impressed! The teachers told the students that the black, crumbly rock was famous for tasting of chocolate. They were almost trampled in the rush!

The electricity has started to flicker; the computers have gone down (we have circuit breakers!) and we all are going automatically to get the torches and candles.

Looks like it is going to be a DARK evening indoors tonight, whilst the rain lashes down in the high winds outside.

And what do we do? Get the playing cards out and snuggle under a duvet on the sofa, of course!
LeeLee had a friend round for dinner, and it is not just luck that all our cooking facilities are via gas bottles. This happens so often - and dinner still has to go ahead!!

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