Friday, 18 January 2008

Society Today

Listening to a UK programme whilst getting ready for dinner, Nicole commented that a lot of people seem to be getting stabbed in England. The discussions were about an incident where a youth died on the street from a single stab wound.

I mentioned to Richard that you would have to be very unlucky to die following just one stab - but that this often was the case. Given that the heart is protected by a sturdy rib cage and that most people surely stab from the hip and therefore would aim for the stomach area - how come?

Richard's view was that it was probably more due to the fact that people around the victim did not know what to do in such a situation. That is - what first aid to administer. Possibly also because the victim was not found until some time later.

Most single stab wounds are fatal because a major artery is slashed - which can be stemmed with the prompt, correct knowledge. On the rare occasions when the heart itself is punctured - there is virtually nothing you can do in time.

He remembers clearly an incident he was called to whilst walking the beat in South London, early in his career. Richard and his partner arrived at an 'under the railway arches' nightclub after a report of a stabbing.

They opened the door - and saw a blood bath.

A person had been stabbed once directly into their heart - which had then pumped out every drop of blood they possessed within a few minutes. Everyone on the premises was covered - it was as if a hose had been used to spray them all with red paint.

Mind numbing - and still fixed in Richard's memory after all these years.

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