Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Renovation update.

I have been promoted!

I am now allowed to use machinery! Because I have run out of wallpaper to strip....Don't you just dig those baggy builder's jeans?!
Righteous indignation arrived home this afternoon from college.

Nic informed up that she had got 19.5 out of 20 in her English test today.

The lost half a mark? When translating some English sentences into French - she missed the X off of Je peux.

Nic was not impressed. According to her, she got all the English correct so surely she should have got 20 out of 20!!!
Righteous indignation became pissed-off and sulking within the hour.

When LeeLee started at college here in France, we tried various 'encouragements' for persevering with her school work - even though it was in a language she did not yet speak!

The most successful strategy was to pay her 10euros for every 20 out of 20 she got. We very quickly put in some exceptions - namely those for English, Art and Sport.

English - well, fairly obvious I should think! We are not rich!!!

Art - LeeLee is a natural and gifted artist and, as I have said before, we are not rich you know!!!!

Sport - not LeeLee's best subject, but here the sport's teachers mark the students in relation to their natural ability, so even she started getting high marks every lesson!!!

So move on a few years and Nic has just started college - and has been looking forward to the monetary reward system.

She arrived home tonight to tell us that she had just got her third (this term!) 20 out of 20 in Sport today - and could we go shopping tomorrow so that she could spend all her newly acquired wealth.

Sport is excluded, I reminded her.

No way is sport excluded! she said.

Oh yes it is! I said.

Nic then ran up to LeeLee's bedroom to check with her - and then shut herself away, sulking and pissed-off......

Nic got her perfect mark today doing endurance running. Twenty minutes of running round the sport's stadium track at a steady and constant speed. Impressive or what?! Richard and I do not know where we got a long-legged, full of energy, enjoys sports, type of child!

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