Sunday, 20 January 2008

Post Party Sleeping & Pigging Out

Sunday. Always a lazy day in this house since it is the only day with no school. But some people REALLY take the piss.....

We all had a lie in, but Richard and I got up at 10:00am - you have to show willing when the sleepover friends' parents are turning up at 11:00am!

At 10:15, I tapped on the girls' bedroom door and told LeeLee what time it was. I got a 'come back at half past.....' so (being a WONDERFUL parent) that is what I did.

The girls were bleary eyed and decided that they would pass on breakfast - since it had taken them 25 minutes just to make it downstairs. They were still pulling clothes on when we had to open the front door to their chauffeurs!

By 11:05am LeeLee was back in bed and fast asleep! I finally woke her at 18:30 to say that dinner would be in half an hour!!!
With some chocolate left over from the fountain yesterday, I remelted it and set it up after dinner.The girls had eaten all the marshmallows and so we had to make do with a few boudoir biscuits and the fresh bananas. A good balanced dessert according to LeeLee......

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