Saturday, 19 January 2008

Party Time & Giggles

LeeLee had several friends round for a get together this afternoon - as a surprise birthday party for one of her best friends.

What is it about LeeLee and organising?! Richard and I sometimes think we speak a different language to her.

Which bit of : 'if it is OK with you, Mum & Dad, we will be driving them back tomorrow'
translates as : 'Anaise's Dad is picking them up from here, of course, didn't you realise?!'

Anyway, the best friend was expecting to come round for a sleep over only, but was scheduled to arrive half an hour after everyone else - thus getting a surprise. Problems started because she was off school ill most of last week ....

In the end, she insisted on dragging herself off her death bed if I was going to make my famous chocolate cheesecake - which I did, with birthday candles on!

Two of the guys had to pull out at the last minute - and nearly spoiled it all. They went up to the birthday girl that morning and said they were very sorry - but could not tell her why, but that she would understand later! How 'DERRRRRR' can you be?!

In the end only one guy came - and decided that 8 giggly girls were too much to take on on his own and so he went home after a couple of hours. I was tempted to say again - how 'DERRRRRR' can you be?! - but maybe playing Twister did not appeal.Well, hot tortillas chips (covered with salsa, cheese sauce and grated cheese) were followed by the aforementioned chocolate cheesecake and .......... a chocolate fountain!Piglets or what?! LeeLee tried to convince us that it was HEALTHY because it was balanced by the fresh bananas they dunked in the melted chocolate. But how many fresh bananas do you have to eat to balance 1 kilo of chocolate?!

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