Saturday, 26 January 2008

Parents Live To Embarrass Their Offspring

Seems I have more readers of this blog than I realised. Several of LeeLee's friends read it now, and also the parents of her boyfriend.

Maybe the English Teachers at college will see an improvement in their marks?! But she has informed me she wants less embarrassing things written about her.......
A couple of nights ago, LeeLee came down whilst I was sitting up late 'posting'.

She informed me she had something to ask me - which she was SURE I would say no to, but was going to ask anyway.

Her boyfriend had invited her to sleep over on Saturday night.......

In no particular order, the conversation continued along the lines of:

Oh yeah?!

In your dreams (or rather in HIS dreams)!

No chance!

Good night!
This afternoon, LeeLee went round to her boyfriend's house and later his parents invited her to stay to dinner. She had a great time.

She was pleased to find they were so similar to us - a very close family, who talk openly about everything and anything. LeeLee enjoyed herself very much.

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