Thursday, 17 January 2008

Pain & Shock

Oh, I just know that tomorrow when I wake up I will be as stiff as a board and in pain.

How do I know? Well after 2.5 hours this morning followed by 2.5 hours this afternoon stripping wallpaper - I just KNOW that my shoulders, arms and everything else I possess will hurt!

Only problem - I kept forgetting to take the camera down with us to the apartment to show you the progress I am making. Bummer!
Tonight was LeeLee's Parents/Teachers get together at college. With five rendez-vous set up, we had a long evening ahead of us.

And as predicted, the first trimestre of the premiere year has been a shock. Every teacher said it is always the case. Last year was seconde, and students do well. They have the fun of finally being lycéens, and doing a course that they have chosen. Also, although the work is harder than before, the pace is not too extreme.

Then premiere starts. The work is extremely hard (especially for the BAC Scientifique that LeeLee has chosen) and the pace has picked up considerably.

LeeLee was in shock. Never before had she had an average in Mathematics that was the moyenne! Used to always managing to get a average of 16-18 out of 20 in all her subjects, without having to REALLY apply herself - this hit home rather brutally.

All her scientific teachers said not to worry - she was very clever (one of the cleverest in the class) and just needed to try and put a bit of effort in - they all said she was capable of a lot more.

LeeLee was stunned enough to announce immediately that she was not going to EVER have such an average again!! Long may this attitude continue, we say!!

Her French teacher was delighted with LeeLee and her work. She said that she always looked forward to reading LeeLee's work because it was a real pleasure to have a student with such a command of the language and such an ability to elucidate her thoughts and ideas. Impressive or what?! We were so proud of LeeLee!

By the by - her English teacher said virtually the same, but some how it did not seem so impressive......

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Lesley said...

Well done to Leigh!! Keep up the good work. It is hard to study and be a teenager xx