Monday, 21 January 2008

Oink ! Oink !

When I call my two girls 'piglets', I do mean PIGLETS!

They arrived home for lunch and happily tucked into home-made Winter Minestrone Soup - basically Mum's way of 'hiding' this season's vegetables in a soup they like!

As they started to clear the table afterwards, the girls noticed the bain-marie in the kitchen with the left over chocolate. Left over from the chocolate fountain (Saturday) and the impromptu chocolate fondue (yesterday)......

Mum?! This can't go into the dishwasher - there is some chocolate left!!! Can we scrape it out......
I have a new career! Has-been, high flying executive. Up and coming, Assistant Workperson (we are very politically correct, you know)!

The renovation of our apartment continues.

I am the one who loves coming up with a list of the options available, drawing the various plans to-scale, working out the supplies needed, etc.

Richard is the one with all the expert and practical knowledge. He is the one that tells me which of my ideas are impossible (usually most of them!) and which are within our capability.

But show me a wall that needs to come down or wallpaper that needs to be removed - and I seem to have the necessary skills. I am the demolition expert. Nothing technical, just destruction - I can do that! Look at my progress.And no comments on the implied height of the person stripping the wallpaper - the ceilings are FAR too high and the scrapper was not long enough! It is not that I am short....

Then Richard is able to do all the highly skilled jobs!! He is the one with all the required knowledge!

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