Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Mouldy & Missing

Do not EVER be tempted to paint mouldings any other colour except white!

Do not EVER be tempted to paint mouldings with gloss paint!!Because it has taken two days, and three coats of paint, to change the mouldings in the apartment's bedroom from orangey-beige gloss to white Dulux Satin! Never again.....

And if anyone in the future decides to wallpaper our apartment - I will personally come back to haunt them.

It has taken us a month to remove the wallpaper in the two main rooms - wallpaper going back to when the house was originally built (a century ago at least!), papered over again (and again!) and painted on top with the most heavy, glossy deep pink paint you can imagine.

And we still have to decide whether to attack the bathroom........will keep you posted!
One of the excellent controls in place at schools here, is the Demande de Justificatif to parents if their child misses a class. The notification arrives at home first thing in the morning the next day! Impressive or what?!

Both parents (and the legal guardian if different) must then complete/sign the notification - and return it to the school secretariat personally.

Each half day missed by a student, is held in their records FOREVER, categorised by the reason for the absences (eg illness, unjustified, justified). Illness that lasts more than a couple of days, has to be supported by a Doctor's certificate.

When a child moves school, progresses up to the next level or goes on to college, lycée, university or indeed employment, these records are supplied.

They are taken into account when deciding whether a student is to be accepted. And it took us some time to realise that this was the case.

We were lax at the beginning - if we were notified incorrectly that one of the girls missed a class, we did not always bother to correct the school and get the records amended.

We do religiously now! We now know how important these records are!!

In the last week, we have received several notifications.

LeeLee has been ill for a couple of weeks, so has missed a day here and there - going in on the days when she felt up to it.

We would phone the first morning that she was ill but kept forgetting to ring again the second day. A demande was dispatched and would reach us in the post the VERY NEXT MORNING - telling us that she had missed two half-days 'unjustified'.

Last week there was a grève on thursday - a strike which some teachers were supporting and therefore not turning up to class. At lunchtime Nic was told her first afternoon class was not on and so we took her back for 15:00.
The next morning a letter was in our post box notifying us that she had missed the half day - and off we had to go to have the records altered again!!

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