Thursday, 10 January 2008

Lighting Up

For some time we have been looking for a lamp to go on the wooden 'pillar' we have in the corner of our lounge, inherited from Richard's Mum.

At Christmas, our friends in the village came round for a meal - and clubbed together to buy us some presents. One of these was a lamp! And doesn't it look good!!
Tonight was Nic's Parents/Teachers meeting(s).

She had managed to get us 'bookings' with five of her teachers - not a bad haul!

The first two - excellent reports. The next two - diabolical. We have a problem Houston. Which bit of NO TALKING IN CLASS and LISTEN TO THE TEACHER does she not understand?!

Before our final appointment/teacher (Occitan), we had a 30 minutes gap. Then, he still had not appeared on the school premises 20 minutes after our appointed time - so we went home. I have NO PATIENCE with people who do not keep appointments!

Tomorrow we (well me!) are laying down the future rules with Nic - sitting down as soon as she gets home each day to go through the lessons/work she has had that day, followed by doing all her homework before dinner and going on the computer. I do not expect this to go down well with her - but tough!

LeeLee works very well on her own, and gets excellent marks at school - it is easy to forget that this is as a result of similar monitoring and supervising on our part, all those years ago when she was a similar age to Nic!
When all the chairs are occupied, a cat has to rough it and settle on the floor in front of the fire!

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