Sunday, 13 January 2008

It's Official .........

......... they are going out! And I have been given permission to tell you!!

A similar conversation to last time (see Teenage Conversations) took place on Friday. LeeLee was being invited round to a friend's house for the day today.
Yes - JUST A FRIEND's house. The same JUST A FRIEND as last time.

Last time Richard was not impressed.
What boy on earth, when taking a girl out to the cinema (especially for the first time), takes her to see 'Alien versus Predator 2' ?! For goodness sake, what encouragement is that to put your arm around her?!

Anyway, after putting up with so much stick from us for that, it got better this time.........

Seems he said how about watching a dvd today? And then proposed watching his ALL TIME FAVOURITE FILM. Three guesses - well even if I let you have ten, I don't think you would guess!!

But before I tell you, it gets better.......unable to find HIS FAVOURITE OF ALL TIME, they had to make do with HIS SECOND FAVOURITE OF ALL TIME!

If I tell you that the second favourite was called Predator 2, you might guess what they could not find...

Richard is despairing! What is it with guys nowadays?! Have they no sense?!

Anyway, LeeLee had fun. And I now know some MSN 'teenage speak' (OK, so I was looking over her shoulder this evening whilst she was MSNing the guy - but I am her mother!!). JTM came up a lot!

Hearing from LeeLee that 'Mum is terrible! If you are not careful, she spills all the beans on her blog...' , he sent through some pictures so I could post them! He needs some help with his make-up, though, I think!
And LeeLee, I do not care how sexy a French accent you say it with, Kevin is still an Essex-boys-name in my book!

JTM = je t'aime!
This evening the dog was passed out on her bed by the fire and the cat was asleep on the bed upstairs (on the mezzanine) next to Richard.

Peace reigned in the house.

Then I heard the cat flap go, and loud miaows from the kitchen. I assumed that our cat had brought in a mouse or something and was loudly proclaiming the fact.....until I saw OUR cat peering down at me from the mezzanine!

What the ...?!

Oh God! The village cat most hated by Xena was in the house and now in a panic! Even Xena woke up, revved up her short legs and was trying to get some grip on the slippery floor tiles - when it raced into the lounge straight towards her and then straight past her over her head!

It was now hiding behind the TV cabinet, Richard was trying to hold onto a struggling and 'growling' Smokey up above whilst I was trying to keep hold of Xena's collar at the same time dragging her backwards into the kitchen!

Once we got the WRONG CAT out of our house and locked all the doors so as to prevent our two animals going out after it, Xena and Smokey spent the next hour chasing round and round the various rooms following in the footsteps of the intruder. They have not had so much exercise for months!


Lesley said...

Welcome to the joys of parenting teenage girls re boyfriends! I always remember Mum encouraging us to bring them home at any time. Her philosophy was that if we were ashamed to bring them home, then we needed to ask ourselves 'why?' Also, even if she did not like/approve of them she never embarressed us by making it obvious while they were in our house! What a good example she set, and I try to follow that ideal.
Another MSN code that I heard about recently - in English - is POS. Any ideas? Parent over shoulder!

Jacqui U said...

A code especially for me! And every other parent.....