Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Improvement In The Weather

I have seen the light!

And it isn't 24 hours of darkness anymore - I have got my contact lenses in again. It is amazing how great food looks when you can see it!
The new smoking ban here has probably not been very noticable except in the arrival of 'patio heaters' outside of the caf├ęs. Smokers are legally allowed to smoke on outdoor terraces and areas.
LeeLee went for her second session of vaccines today. What a brave girl - for the first time ever, she did not have us there to hold her hand.

However we did think she milked it during the afternoon - how many times do you need to say 'Oh! Hurty arms! I need chocolate....!'

In December she was due to have three different vaccines, one of which was the first of the series for Cervical Cancer. The doctor would only do a maximum of two at any visit - so this has drawn out the process for LeeLee.

In addition, for the new cancer vaccine(s), you have to have three injections in total. The second one a month after the first, and the third and final one four months after that one. Very complicated!

Our new 2008 diary has her appointments filled in - so we do not forget!!

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