Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year And All That !

Bonne Année et Bonne Santé pour 2008 !

Richard was up (relatively!) early to go and pick up LeeLee from her friends at 10:30.

Nic and I looked after the dog .... which basically entailed sleeping a lot, just to keep her company.

LeeLee had a great time last night - and immediately on her return, said she was off to bed. Oh, no she wasn't! We were going round to Chrys & Eric's to help clear up after last night - and she had to join in as well !

So off we went and joined the crowd (almost everyone from last night plus a few extras) all armed with dustbin bags - many hands make light work!

Finished by 12:30, we let LeeLee make her farewells and go back home to bed, and unfortunately Richard departed across the road as well - he is no better today so a water-only diet again for him!

Nic and I stayed on - and we all decided to go for a walk with the children and the dogs. A bit of exercise before lunch ..... ... which included stopping to feed the two village sheep. About the only local things that didn't appear on the menu last night!

Lunch was a great, relaxed and fun affair. Lots of mickey-taking of the many 'chefs'.

How come when a man cooks, he uses an open fire whilst the woman uses the temperature-regulated cooker provided?!

How come a male 'chef' ALWAYS goes heavy on the pepper?!

How come it takes four male 'chefs' to oversee the cooking of one part of the meal?!

How come a teaspoon left dangling in the neck of a champagne bottle, stops it losing its fizz over night?!


Basically a repeat of last night with NO courses missed out! I returned to the invalid at 17:30 - and a very full piglet I was.
Nic stayed on to play with the two little ones and came home tired but happy a couple of hours later - she had got to cuddle the super-friendly puppy that popped in for a visit!

A great New Year, I must say. Sorry Richard did not get to enjoy it - maybe next year?!

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