Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Differences & New Relationships

Today a friend in the village (RJ) delivered our tractor load of wood. Each load lasts about two weeks - which might sound bad until you realise that it provides ALL the heating for our house!

The only other warmth is in the girls' bedrooms - they each have an electric heater which is on over night (cheap electricity!) so that it is not cold when they get up for school. Ah! In my day we had to put up with ice on the inside of our bedroom windows in the morning.......

In between us all trundling back and forth with the wheelbarrows, RJ stopped and asked what we thought about the fact that Monsieur N was incinéré (cremated) yesterday. Richard and I surprised him by saying that it was very common in the UK.

RJ was curious - why? Surely everyone wants to be buried with their family?!

We explained that one reason was that land in the UK is very expensive compared to France and that cemeteries are filling up rapidly and space is now limited for burials.

RJ shuddered - the thought of being reduced to a small pile of ashes was not for him, he said. He wants to be put in his family's tombeau with his parents, grandparents, etc. He could not understand just being ashes, in a small pot, in the house.

I quickly said - not in the house itself! RJ said - but surely, yes, in the family home?!

I said definitely not, usually!

But of course?! he exclaimed.

We explained that usually the ashes are sprinkled in a garden or somewhere similar, and often a plant like a rosier would be planted on top.

RJ said - surely not!

We said - yes, that's why the UK is famous for having roses everywhere!!

Ha! Ha! chuckled RJ.

RJ did confirm something we suspected. He mentioned that when a tombeau is opened for a new resident - oh, what a smell!!

It is true, cremations are very rare down here. The only place anywhere near that can provide this service is in Beziers!
LeeLee is all a glow at the moment, eyes twinkling and going round with a big smile on her face all the time. Ain't love grand at that age!!

When Kevin went and told his friends that LeeLee had agreed to go out with him, they immediately said - her little sister is so like LeeLee. Do you know if she has a boyfriend because we would like to ask her out!

When LeeLee heard this, she said - no way are any of YOUR mates coming near my little sister! They are all 'players' so tell them to keep away or else.....

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