Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Cooking The Books

I have white splodges all over me - but no photos to prove it.

Today we painted the bedroom of our apartment with white undercoat, and 'cut-in the ceilings of both rooms. But have no photos to prove it.


Because the camera, with the photos, is inside the cooker at the apartment, that's why!!!

Along with my sunglasses - which is why I am squinting when I drive home from the apartment this afternoon.

Why inside the cooker?! I hear you ask.......

......because it is the only place where the dust (from the sanding) and the paint (from me painting) does not infiltrate!!

Hopefully I will remember to bring the camera home with me tomorrow.....


Riet en Ab said...

We know what it is to renovate, including painting (the annex for example!). So we think of you!
Bonne chance!

Jacqui U said...

If our apartment looks as good as your annexe when we have finished, we shall be delighted!!

Missing you both already by the way!!

Jacqui U