Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Best Of Luck !!

I am usually careful not to get too political and pro-police in this blog because
(1) there are plenty of others out there doing it better than I could ever do and
(2) it is difficult to get across to people unconnected with the police, things that are not even remotely similar to their own lives. Their perception of the job done by a Police Officer is so distant from the reality.

There is a third reason, which is cowardly - when I read the type of comments some of the police blogs generate, I realise again that not all the vile weirdos are locked up. And it frightens me that they might latch onto this family-orientated blog.

But today I want to say - WISH THEM LUCK. Police Officers in England have been well and truly shafted by the current Government over their pay dispute. Do not fall into the usual trap of believing the headlines - check out the facts before you condemn them for being 'greedy'.

Some things to ponder:

1. The police gave up their right to strike in exchange for a guaranteed annual pay increase to cover increases in the cost of living/inflation. Correctly, it was not thought appropriate for such a crucial service to be able to 'hold us to ransom' in order to get whatever they want.

2. The last police officers who went on strike, lost their jobs, their homes and all their pension rights.

3. The Police pay-year has been September to September for as long as anyone remembers, so the annual increase has always been instigated in the September pay packets.

4. The error in judgement was that the Police Federation thought the Government would play fair when the PF directed the pay dispute at the independent and legally binding arbitration system.
Since the 'difference of opinion' with the Government was over the percentage being offered (lower than it was supposed to be), this is what the PF took to arbitration - where the original agreement was upheld!!
Then a Government bright spark noticed that the commencement date had not been included - so realised they could refuse to backdate the increase to September and still technically not be breaking the arbitration agreement.

5. Police Officers in Scotland are getting the full percentage backdated to September!

6. The civilian support staff and PCSOs are getting the full percentage backdated to September!

Where is the justice for our Police Officers?!

I recommend you read some of the Police blogs - it will be quite an eye opener. The general public has no concept what so ever of the true state of the Police Force in this day and age.

This was an interesting article from a non-police blog.

I loved the comment in 200 Weeks - if rent-a-mob turns up at the rally, there will be the biggest collection of professional witnesses ready to testify against them in court!!

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