Sunday, 27 January 2008

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Sadness reigns today in LeeLee's world.

Her boyfriend is on stage next week (work experience) so he will not be at school.

They will not get to see each other every day. How will they cope?

I dread to think what our phone bill will be this month!
I had my 3-monthly checkup at the Doctor's yesterday.

Since I was busy getting everything ready for dinner (friends coming round!) as well as trying to get the house all clean - I was tempted to get to the surgery a bit later than the appointment time. I knew I would be very frustrated sitting there - doctors are always behind in their appointment system, aren't they!

Anyway, my usual time-keeping policy took over (I HATE it when people are late, so I never am!) and I arrived a few minutes ahead of my appointment.....

..... to find the surgery complex totally deserted. And I mean TOTALLY deserted! I started to think I had got the wrong day, when my doctor's door opened and he ushered out his previous patient and invited me in - exactly on time!!!!

I take it all back. Doctors are great timekeepers!!

Anyway, he was very pleased with me since my blood pressure was perfect. And I had lost some weight - even though we had just had Christmas and Reveillon (miracles DO happen).

He told me though that I still had some way to go - at least another 5 kilos to lose - and he realises how difficult it is for me. There is very little that I can give up - since I do not eat sweet things, nor much bread!! So I will just have to persevere with no alcohol.....

I also asked him how my recent blood test results looked since I had noticed some things had gone up since my last test.

He said everything was excellent - although certain hormones had increased which showed I was now in the menopause.

I asked if that was not a bit early?!

He said - well you are 43 years old!

Thank-you so very much, Dr Caston, for pointing that out to me! I said.

He smiled.

He knows that I know that he is 46 years old.

And I know that he knows that he only looks 26 years old!!!

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