Sunday, 16 December 2007

Winter Wonderland

Yesterday it was gorgeous to see the snow fall, and a reasonable one degree centigrade outside.

This morning it was wonderful to see the snow still there - but it was a bloody cold minus 4 degrees!

The road out of the village was dangerously slippery - the sun had not reached there to melt the snow.
Where the children usually mountain bike in the village.
The vines with their unexpected carpet of snow.


One sign that winter has arrived is that the temperature in the toilet hit a low of nine degrees this morning - so Richard switched on the little wall heater we have in the bathroom next door. People certainly do not dawdle when they go for a wee in our house!!

Another sign of a change in season - Richard gets out his bonnet, and the girls make him promise never to acknowledge that he knows them when out in public!
My body conserves energy by minimising the blood circulation to my extremities (that is why I get fat, I say - I do not use up enough calories pumping my blood around). In other words I have VERY cold feet and hands always - as Richard knows after 26 years of sharing a bed with me.

Most of the year I go around the house in bare feet, and wear open sandals when I go out. But winter is finally here - so I have dug out my trainers.

I have never worn white sports trainers because I hate them - why wear shoes that stand out so much?! I wear dark/black clothes normally so for many years had a pair of nothing-special black trainers. These finally gave up the ghost a couple of years ago and I had to find replacements.

And what did I find? A pair with insulated soles - so you never feel the cold even when you are walking on snow! They are brilliant!! They come from Decathlon and are in fact 'walking' trainers/shoes - not walking boots even. And were not expensive. So I strongly recommend them - incredibly, they do exactly what they say on the box!

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