Thursday, 27 December 2007

Winter Sun

Having been given a new gadget for Christmas, the only way Richard could try it out was to find an excuse to go out in the car. So this morning he said: 'How about a walk ..... along the beach at Valras-Plage?' The girls groaned 'No way!' so we left them in their pyjamas (it was past mid day!) and scoffing chocolate.

Now, is it a man thing or what, but after two seconds of trying to get a gadget to work .... Richard ALWAYS loses his temper! It seems that having a radio that 'seeks' for a better radio station all the time, is a problem when your new gadget is programmed for specific frequencies!!!

But we finally set off and it worked perfectly. Richard could listen to all his favourite songs that he had copied from the PC to a memory stick, through the car's speakers. The only hiccup was when we went over the hill at Faugère and the music became a bit crackly. But that is Faugère for you....

With the sun shining, it was glorious walking along the beach. Am I making you jealous?! And the sea was sparkling blue and wonderfully warm ... no, I am kidding, we did not go swimming!!

Look closely and you can see the Pyranees in the distance. And a French family in the distance, all sitting on the sand having a picnic. Xena thought she would go and join them at one point. Anyway, you always wondered why we call her Bigfoot...... Chocolate chaud, at a beach side café, at the end of December. Heaven!


Lesley said...

You have made me well-and-truely jealous now!! We have been damp and cold here :-(

Jacqui U said...

We are missing England so much....... NOT !