Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Up a Pole Without a ..........

'Snip! Snip! Snip!' sounds echoed across the village throughout the morning. Curious, huh?
At exactly 11:20am today, our Internet connection went down.

Two seconds later, up jumps Richard (absolutely furious) and he rushes round to our neighbours to see if they have lost their connection as well.

Says 'Guess what, ...' at the same time as Eric says 'Two minutes ago? Yep, same here. But our telephone isn't working either. Is yours?'

Rushes back to our place to check. Surprise, surprise - no telephone as well!

Working up a head of steam to call Orange (on a mobile of course!) to give them a right mouthful - we all happen to look out of the window.

What's that curious orange blob in the middle of the village at about 25 feet (some of us still think like the English we are!) above ground level?
Ah. Maybe we should check first with the man in an orange jacket, up a telegraph pole, snipping all the telephone wires, before launching verbal abuse at Orange.
Said man, when challenged, said that of course we had lost our telephone lines for a while - and quite possibly would do so on and off all week.

Great! Thank-you so very much.

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