Saturday, 8 December 2007

Turning On The Christmas Lights ........

....... in La Sesquière!

Now Richard loves many things, but he absolutely LOVES lights.

When we came to France over five years ago, we ignored the advice in the books and brought every electrical thing we owned including (yes, you've guessed it) all our Christmas lights. And, more to the point, they all worked!

Since then the edge of the terrace roof has boasted a string of ancient English lights - but recently the blue bulbs have 'blown'.

Richard was therefore allowed to 'treat' himself, and bought some more!

This will be our first Christmas actually spent at home in France, and to celebrate (and to indulge me!) I was allowed to buy a REAL Christmas tree.

Richard kindly spent the day (with his faithful audience) planting the tree, taking down the old lights, putting them on the tree and putting up the new string - and the star of course!
It looks wonderful!! Totally visible from half way down the road to Hérépian!!
Because we are staying put this year, I am shopping for many of our presents for the family via the Internet.

What really pissed me off this month was that although I had set up several 'shopping baskets' etc on sites - after 2 weeks without an Internet link, these had been lost! I have spent most of today setting everything up again! And in many cases (like on Amazon) the items are now out of stock!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!
I grew up in a delightful small town called Alresford in Hampshire. Life coming round in a full circle, my brother and his wife moved there a few years ago - and many people remembered us as a family!! Many of their neighbours in fact!!

Anyway, there is a super wine merchants in Alresford called The Naked Grape who search out and sell excellent wines - all personally tried and tested!

And they are helpful and knowledgeable.

We wanted to give wine to various members of the family for Christmas - but not just the usual run of the mill bottles you get from the usual providers. Individual bottles that you would not normally buy for yourself because of the price.

So I phoned them up, and asked whether they could deliver in the UK and, more importantly, the minimum order.

One bottle is fine and overnight delivery on a specific day is no problem if that is what you require! Wonderful!

Not happy 'buying' with a credit card via the Internet, I chose the bottles I wanted from their web site listings, phoned them to check it was OK to e-mail the details of my orders whilst giving my credit card details over the phone separately, and then sent an e-mail to a very helpful gentleman called Simon on . It was easy !

I strongly recommend them if you know someone who would like a special wine - a gorgeous Amarone della Valpolicella Classico for example!

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