Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Toothpaste & Headbanging

Why, oh why, do people take the last item from the cupboard and not tell me so I can add it to the shopping list?!

LeeLee, getting ready to go out, asked (OK, yelled) 'Where is the new toothpaste?'

Seems somebody had taken the last one out of the cupboard without telling me ......and now it had run out.

Tough - not a lot we can do about it.

'But I can't go out without re-brushing my teeth!!' cried LeeLee.

Next time I looked, she had used a hacksaw and pliers to break into the toothpaste pump to get out the last few smears. I can tell you though, these pumps are efficient - there is not much toothpaste left hidden inside!!

When LeeLee got home, she mentioned that the guys on the school bus tried to give her and her friends a hard time because the girls had not come and cheered the rugby teams on at the weekend.

The guys were informed not to believe stereotypes - just because the girls are all blond, does not mean they have not got the braincells to check whether the fixtures are cancelled when it snows! So there!

That squashed their strawberries.....shame it was a parent though that INSISTED the girls found out before driving them all to snow-bound Bedarieux.
The guys lost even more of their credibility when the girls found out that rugby team members do not kiss each other on the cheek three times when they meet - they headbang three times!!!!
Found a great little gadget for Richard for Christmas. It was in a phone shop in Pezenas - where we went to buy a memory card for LeeLee's mobile.

His car only has a radio/cassette player - and the girls are always complaining that they cannot play their CDs or their own music selections in the car.

This gadget plugs into the cigarette lighter, you tune it to the same frequency as the station playing on the radio and guess what?! You can plug a CD or an MP3 player into it - and the sound comes out of the car's speakers!!!
Did I also mention that the very young salesman spoke PERFECT English, including all the technical jargon!? He said if we have any problems, just drive up to the door of the shop, park and he would come out and help.

Such a nice boy.....


Lesley said...

I thought that you said it was a gadget for Richard? Sounds like it is for the girls to me!!

I have a son who also does not tell me when we are down to the last toothpaste pump! Maybe it is genetic xx

Jacqui U said...

Fathers always get the rough deal!

I will tell LeeLee she has a 'twin' in the family!