Sunday, 9 December 2007

Storms and Marché

We were woken up in the night by a violent and noisy storm raging outside. The wind was so incredibly strong that bins and chairs, etc were strewn all over the village by morning.

Interestingly the direction was from behind us rather than along the valley towards us - so our terrace actually suffered less than normal.
Even so, our stacks of patio chairs were blown over!! But the Christmas tree survived luckily.
Leaving the girls fast asleep upstairs, Richard and I went to the local Christmas market at Le Pradal, a village up the valley behind us.
It is only small but always worth supporting because the stalls are all of locally produced items - by the local craft group (small inexpensive present ideas), the children (biscuits and cakes) and producers (duck products, conserves and vinegars).

This year there was also a local man selling locally harvested truffles. Yes, they exist all around us here but do not tell anyone!! It is a closely guarded secret!! As you can imagine, he did not want to be photographed but he had people queuing up to buy - and he had a few tupperware boxes of truffles all of reasonable sizes.

When we first arrived, our dog was immediately of great interest - not only for hunting but more importantly because she has an incredible nose! And I do not mean a 'pretty' one - she is a very efficient tracking device on four legs. We have been asked whether we would 'lend' her to see how she got on searching for truffles!


Le Pradal is a village that is expanding rapidly with 'new builds'.

It is not actually in our Commune, but just next door. It therefore does not come under the same rules as us - all building and renovation projects are prohibited until mains drainage is installed in our Commune - which is MANY years away in reality!

Parking there for the marché today we noticed one of the new houses being built has been crepied in green.

In the UK, both blue and green look good on houses. Here - it is amazing how awful they look! Almost 'dead' like - mouldy and cold.

It is curious that the 'earth' colours of cream through to terracotta look best down here in the South!PS
I am loading this post early because the storm is causing problems with the power supply to the village. Looks like an evening with candles is likely!


Gogus said...

I can see Xena doing seek and find for truffles, she maybe your key to a fortune in dodgy truffle dealing.

Jacqui U said...

Trouble is, do Richard and I look shifty enough?!