Sunday, 23 December 2007

Post Party fun

Recovering from the party, we all had a lie in this morning - some of us longer than others! LeeLee appeared bleary eyed at about 14:30 this afternoon!!

Our friends in the village did not have this luxury since most of the men were going hunting early this morning. Luckily they knew not to 'hoot' as they drove past our door.....

Our neighbours kindly gave us some sanglier as a present yesterday - caught during yesterday's hunt. Have to think of a good recipe for during the festive season.

Their little daughter was SO SO excited because they were coming round to our house for the party and she would be able to play with Nic.

They were out during the day and drove back home just in time for the party - but she had fallen asleep in the car. They left her there to sleep for a while, keeping an eye on her, but she showed no sign of waking up. So they put her to bed properly, and she slept right through until this morning!

The problem?! She was devastated that she had missed the 'party' and playing with Nic!! And was also full of beans having slept for so many hours.

So Nic went round to spend some time with her, and then the two of them came back here for the afternoon - and great fun it was as you will see!

The girls did some painting.Then JuJu discovered Richard's shoes.....a tad big me thinks!The box of Lego and horses is always a big hit.....but Xena was a bit pissed off to find it on her bed. She managed to push it off in the end!
The best thing about parties? The post party scoffing of leftovers of course!Smoked salmon, parma ham and paté en croute for's a hard life!

Drinking the leftover cocktails was also a trial - but we managed it this evening! Nic has become very fond of the 'punch' - now who does she take after I wonder?!

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